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Iron Galaxy technical designer Noah Sasso gives GDC talk about approachability in fighting games

10/28/2019   •   Written By Tom Carbone

Here is the excerpt.

Earlier this year at GDC, Iron Galaxy designer Noah Sasso delivered a talk billed as a “talk [that] surveys the ways developers have attempted to broaden the audience for one of the oldest and most exciting genres in the industry.” '09 to '19: A Decade of Approachability in Fighting Games was a deep dive into the ways that specific design and aesthetic decisions have been shaping player experiences in many different, unexpected ways over the last decade.

A designer himself, Noah’s deep love for the fighting genre and the community help shaped this talk into one of the most well-received of the conference. And if you’re not lucky enough to have access to the GDC Vault, I’ve got great news for you: GDC is offering it for free on their YouTube channel!