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#MeetIronGalaxy - Cedric Busse

09/4/2019   •   Written By

Meet Cedric Busse of Iron Galaxy Studios.

It’s no secret that Iron Galaxy wouldn’t be able to release so many great games without our talented group of developers. On social media and in real life, I like to remind fans that the developers working on some of their favorite games are people too, so I decided to put together a new blog series - #MeetIronGalaxy. The goal is to put the spotlight on individual members from our talented team and let fans get to know a little bit more about how each of us got our start in games, what we like to eat, and what we’ve been playing lately!

I like visiting places that are near mountains or oceans. If the destination allows for big dogs to travel with me (I am currently in residence with one), I'm even more interested. I used to want to be a musician, so I am semi-useful on a variety of instruments. I'm a fan of smoked meats. I'm trying really hard to finish Red Dead 2, but keep getting distracted by animals that run past me on the trails.